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GB Pharmacy Supplys pharmaceutical powder of  anabolic steroids, fat burning drugs, sex enhancing drugs, sarms powder, PCT ( post cycle therapy ) drugs , local anesthetic drugs ,female hormone  and peptide and hgh .

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As the quality of GB pharmacy ,all my products is almost purity 99% or more content . we follows slogan of ”  Quality first reputation supremacy “.we have many clients who is steroid cooker for personal use and friends around or underground labs owners ,they can distinguish genius powder or bad powder from the appearance and smell and some other physical characters . if you are new buyer on the industry , we have HPLC testing report and COA as the basic support for our promise , also you can test the raw powder by local laboratories and we can pay some related cost

testosterone propionate COA
testosterone propionate COA

GB pharmacy wish steroid cooker to purchase high quality and steady content steroid raw material , so you can control the cycle and have healthy bodybuilding fitness to avoid the unnecessary risk .