what is Methyltestosterone powder? how Methyltestosterone works on body ? where to buy Methyltestosterone powder ?

Methyltestosterone powder

Methyltestosterone CAS58-18-4 testosterone anabolic steroid

1. Product name : Methyltestosterone

2. CAS No: 58-18-4

3. Einecs No: 200-366-3

4. MF: C20H30O2

5. MW: 302.45

6. Purity: 99%

7. Melting Point: 162-168 °C

8. Appearance: white powder, Insoluble in water and soluble in ethanol(1: 5), acetone(1: 10)

9. Usage: can be used as pharmaceutical material for androgen and Albumen Assimilation steroids.

Methyltestosterone Description

1. Methyltestosteron is analogous to the natural androgen created by your body. It belongs to a category of medication called androgens. It works by moving several body systems in order that the body will develop and performance ordinarily. Methyltestosterone may be employed in bound adolescent boys to cause time of life in those with delayed time of life.

2. Methyltestosterone plays a key role within the development of male procreative tissue like the orchis and prostates. additionally, Methyltestosteron is important for health and well-being moreover because the interference of pathology, Methyltestosteron is preserved through most vertebrates, though fish build a rather distinction from known as 11-ketotestosterone.

3. 17-Methyltestosterone is that the male internal secretion medicine are often employed in organic chemistry studies. 17-Methyltestosterone may also be used for useful female internal reproductive organ hemorrhage, anaemia and alternative diseases treatment. Methyltestosteron will promote the male sex organs and employed in phanerogam stage change.

4. Methyltestosterone will promote the male sex organs and employed in phanerogam stage change. Methyltestosteron could be a hormone from the steroid hormone and is found in mammals and alternative vertebrates, Methyltestosteron is primarily secreted within the tests of mails and also the ovaries of feminine, though bit also are secreted by the adrenal glands, Methyltestosteron is that the principle male internal secretion ANd an steroid hormone.

5. it could be a 17-alpha-alkylated steroid hormone accustomed treat men with a androgen deficiency. it’s used as a feed additive to provide predominately male populations of genus Tilapia. it’s additionally employed in ladies to treat carcinoma, breast pain, swelling because of physiological state, and with the addition of sex hormone it will treat symptoms of biological time.

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