what is Raloxifene hydrochloride powder ?how to use Raloxifene hydrochloride powder ?where to buy Raloxifene hydrochloride powder ?

Raloxifene powder SERM

1.Product name :  Raloxifene hcl
2. CAS No.: 82640-04-8
3. MF: C28H28ClNO4S
4. MW: 510.04
5. Storage temp: -20°C deep-freeze
6. Use: antineoplastic
7. Appearance: lightweight yellow powder

Raloxifene coordination compound Discription:

1. Raloxifene hcl powder is AN sex hormone agonist/antagonist, spoken as a selective sex hormone receptor modulator (SERM) and belongs to the benzothiophene category of compounds. The biological actions of raloxifene area unit for the most part mediate through binding to sex hormone receptors.
2. This binding leads to activation of sex hormone pathways in some tissues (agonism) and and therefore the blockade of sex hormone pathways in different tissues (antagonism). The agonistic or antagonistic activity of raloxiffene depends on the extent of enlisting of coactivators and corepressors to sex hormone receptor (ER) target sequence promotors.
3. Raloxifene seems to act as AN sex hormone agonist in bone. It decreases bone biological process and bone turnover, will increase bone mineral density and reduces fracture incidence.


1. Raloxifene Hcl wont to forestall & treat pathology in ladies United Nations agency have undergone change of life.
2. it wont to decrease the danger of developing invasive carcinoma in ladies United Nations agency area unit at high risk of developing this kind of cancer or United Nations agency have pathology. Raloxifene Hcl can not be wont to treat invasive carcinoma or to stop invasive carcinoma from returning in ladies United Nations agency have already had the condition.
3. it prevents and treats pathology by mimicking the consequences of sex hormone to extend the density (thickness) of bone.
4. Raloxifene Hcl decreases the danger of developing invasive carcinoma by block the consequences of sex hormone on breast tissue, which can stop the event of tumors that require sex hormone to grow


How to use Raloxifene HCL ?

Read the Medication Guide provided by your pill roller before you begin taking raloxifene and every time you get a refill. If you have got any queries, raise your doctor or pill roller.
Take this medication orally with or while not food as directed by your doctor, sometimes once daily. Take this medication often to induce the foremost get pleasure from it. to assist you bear in mind, take it at constant time day after day.
Be sure to induce enough Ca and calciferol in your diet. Consult your doctor or pill roller to envision if you wish to require Ca and calciferol supplements.
Since this drug is absorbed through the skin associate degreed lungs and will damage an unhatched baby, ladies United Nations agency ar pregnant or United Nations agency could become pregnant mustn’t handle this medication or breathe the mud from the tablets.

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