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1. which country i send to ?

so we do business with clients worldwild and have almost 8 years experience on steroid shipping .we ship package to worldwild like usa , canada, brazil , australia , uk , france , germany , italy , spanish , newzeland , bulgaria , ireland , holland ,norway , india , Lebanon ,Egypt ,japan, korea, iran etc

2. what is the reshipping policy ?

we are in the business 8 years and send many packages to worldwild every year , it has different passing rate on steroid shipping as destination country changes , we can make sure delivery for clients from some country and give discount on reshipping for clients from country passing rate less than 90%

3. what is the delivery time ?

most destination country cost 7 days to arrive , for example usa , uk , australia, france . but some countries cost more days about half month maybe , because we need to choose safe delivery for them

steroid shipping (1)
steroid shipping (1)

4. what is the shipping method ?

we have international express shipping of EMS , DHL , UPS , FEDEX , TNT , EUB , ETK

5. How we pack the parcel ?

for raw powder , we put the raw powder in plastic bag and put the plastic bag in foil bag , then put the foil bag in hard box ,at last use adhesive plaster seal the hard box

for oil injection and tablets , we use plastic foam to encase the vial and put the paper or cotton in tablet bottle to avoid noise when shaking

raw steroid have 3 types , white powder like testosterone enanthate , yellow powder like trenbolone enanthate , oil like boldenone undecylenate . we always pack powder in one package and pack liquid product in separate package for passing custom easily

6. how much is the shipping fees ?

within 500 grams , we charge 50usd
500g<weight < 1000g , we charge 60usd
1000g<weight < 1500g , we charge 70usd
1500g<weight < 2000g , we charge 80usd

7. where to check the track number ?

you can check the track number on website below